a text animation that says: hope, fear, desire, adore, empathize, learn
text: the epic project

Education: STEM

EPIC Media is created to compliment teacher to student interactions and provide student to student collaborative opportunities. Produced by students, faculty, and our education and media collaborators, it’s all free for use under this Creative Commons License.

Hilarious animated gifs explaining science concepts. The website is search-able and indexes content according to the Next Generation Science Standards. Grades 5-8

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This board game teaches code theory. The players act as a team of miners that navigate obstacles to dig up hidden treasures. Four games can handle a class of 30 & can be purchased on-line. Grades 5-8

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This 3D simulation video Introduces students to the water cycle. Contains review text plus questions for writing assignments or discussion that are based on the 5 habits of mind. Grades 5-8

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In this animation, character-driven storytelling explains the basic functions of organelles inside the cell, by using the analogy of a city. Grades 5-9

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All of our media is free and can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   

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