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Simuli is a virtual reality (VR) simulation app and video series that provides an immersive experience aimed at building empathy in classrooms for a neurodiverse population.

Simuli picture of three elementary students using virtual headsets.
Simuli immerses students in the challenges that some neurodiverse people confront on a daily basis. It provides helpful advice that can guide both instructors and students to create better relationships in school and beyond.
Simuli is both a virtual reality app and a video series that recreates the experiences of neurodiverse students in familiar school settings. Students play three simulated scenarios, then receive a brief description of what they experienced in an explainer video. After experiencing the simulations, students will have a better understanding of the challenges endured by their neurodiverse peers, and be able to employ some simple behaviors that can help them integrate into normal school activities.
Picture of a Google cardboard headset, which is a box designed to work with smartphones to create a virtual reality experience.

VR in Education

Teaching with VR builds empathy in the classroom by providing opportunities for students to step into the shoes of their classmates and help them build empathetic relationships in their classrooms and communities.

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