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Simuli is a virtual reality simulation app and video series that provides an immersive experience aimed at building empathy in classrooms for a neurodiverse population.

Currently, Simuli is available for any Android phone and any Google Carboard viewer. The app can be downloaded directly using the link below. Once downloaded, follow the instructions on this page to install and use. The VR experience is greatly enhanced with the use of headphones. 

Installation Instructions

  1. Click the “Download Simuli” button.
  2. Find the apk file in your downloads folder, The file name will be: ‘Simuli.apk’.
  3. Select the APK file. You will be asked if you would like to install the app > choose yes.
  4. Launch the app like you would any other on your phone.
  5. Use a Google cardboard style phone viewer to experience the App.
  6. Audio is an important part of the experience. For that reason, headphones are essential.

Note: There are three Simulations included in the app. Navigate to them by choosing sticky notes on a cork board located in the default classroom. The experience automatically starts in this class room and returns to it after each simulation is completed.

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