These animated poems were created by KCAD students and can be used to bring an emotional experience to any forum that covers topics concerning those mind-spaces where neurodiversity and mental health collide. The poems were written and performed by Marcel Price…Author of “Adrift in a Sea of M&M’s” NeuroQueer Press.

He is a Bi-racial North American writer, teacher community activist, performer, motivational speaker, and is the second place winner of The 2016 Missouri Review Audio Poetry Contest as well as The current Grand Rapids Poet Laureate.

Fable The Poet is a Nationally Touring Artist highly noted for his work with the youth; spreading Mental Health Awareness using his own stories to consume the audience, and spread a much needed message: “At times, we feel fragile. We are all paper boats entertaining the waves of life.”

He is an official partner of Mental Health America, and has participated in panels across the country discussing the importance of Mental Health awareness with our youth.

He is known across the nation for crowd-interactive features that leave those attending enlightened and empowered.