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The EPIC Neuro-Media Project aims to provide free resources that deliver actionable insights and educational tools for advocates, teachers, learners and employers that will facilitate connections between them and the neurodiverse population.


The EPIC Project understands neurodiversity to be a broad, multi-dimensional spectrum that encompasses nearly all neurological abilities, predispositions, and forms of permanent and temporary mental conditions.

Simuli logo of multicolour goggles.

Simuli Neuro VR Simulations

This Google Cardboard app provides a VR experience for middle and high school students that simulates, in the first person, the feeling of some of the challenges that neurodiverse students face in a classroom setting.

experience the Simuli VR app

Mental Health America Logo showing a featured actor.

MHA Screening Prompts

These animations for Mental Health America aim to compel people that suspect they have mental illness to take a screening on the MHA website. Thousands have sought treatment  as a result of these screenings.

watch the Mental Health America screening prompt videos

Insights into Neurodiversity Logo showing a cartoon of Jean Hanks.

Insight Into Neurodiversity

This animated podcast will provide actionable insight into the challenges and capabilities of the neurodiverse population that can fundamentally change the way we all interact with and value each other’s mental diversity.

Watch the Insight Into Neurodiversity podcast


Mental Health Logo of a stylized human brain.

About Mental Illness

This Animation provides a brief overview of common mental illnesses, their biological causes, and the challenges people face when seeking help. Links for additional information and services are included.

watch a video About Mental Illness

Sensiware logo featuring an abstract shape resembling a star.

Sensiware Wearables Concept

This conceptual project Imagines wearable technology that will improve learning and teaching for a neurodiverse population and implement principles of universal design to ensure that all students can benefit.

learn about the Sensiware Project

Mind of Fable logo featuring a paper boat surfing a tidal wave with a shinning sun in the sky.

Animated Fable’s

These animated poems, by Marcel Price, can be used to bring an emotional experience to any forum or classroom that covers topics concerning those mind-spaces where neurodiversity and mental health collide.

watch Fable’s animated poems