The Epic+KCAD Neurodiversity Project aims to provide free media that delivers actionable insights and educational tools for advocates, teachers, learners and employers that will facilitate connections between them and the neurodiverse population. Click an Icon below to view the media.


This Google Cardboard app will provide a VR experience for middle and highschool students that simulates, in the first person, the feeling of some of the challenges that neurodiverse students face in a classroom setting.

Sensi Wear

This conceptual project Imagines wearable technology that will improve learning and teaching for a deurodiverse population and implement principles of universal design to ensure that all students can benifit.


A collection of digital and print resources that covers many aspects of neurodiversity and related topics. A special thanks to designer and advocate Jean Hanks for her curation of these sections.

Insight Media

This animated media will provide actionable insight into the challenges and awesome capabilites of the neurodiverse population in a way that compels teachers, students, employers and employees to fundamentally change the way they interact with and value each other.


Marcel Price (aka Fable) is an author, community activist, performer, motivational speaker and Grand Rapids Michigan’s poet laureate. KCAD students animated three of his emotional spoken word poems which tackle mental health issues that can be associated with neurodiversity.