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Education: Learning Concepts

EPIC Media is created to compliment teacher to student interactions and provide student to student collaborative opportunities. Produced by students, faculty, and our education and media collaborators, it’s all free for use under this Creative Commons License.
Imagine a digital system that could surpass the laptop as the ultimate educational tool.

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Imagine a virtual-reality, educational field trip that harnesses Microsoft’s HoloLens technology. With this concept, students can have an immersive experience, within any space-time desired, by simply walking down the hall in their own school.


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Imagine a wear-ables and internet of things technology concept that will enable teachers and students to communicate and capture data that can be used to optimize student’s socio-emotional wellness in real time.

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A picture matching app for young autistic children. This tablet and phone app extends an activity that is normally executed with real objects into the digital realm where it can be portable.

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All of our media is free and can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   

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