a text animation that says: hope, fear, desire, adore, empathize, learn
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EPIC Media is created to compliment teacher to student interactions and provide student to student collaborative opportunities. Produced by students, faculty, and our education and media collaborators, it’s all free for use under this Creative Commons License.
These three animated poems can bring an emotional experience to any forum that addresses topics concerning mental health awareness.

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These animated poems amplify the powerful voices of middle school poets. Glimpse the internal landscapes of these special young ladies sifting through questions of identity, belonging, equity, race, and whether or not you can really eat too much candy on Halloween.

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These three animations for Mental Health America aim to compel people that suspect they have mental illness to take a screening on the MHA website. Mental Health Screenings are MHA’s most successful program and have compelled many people that suspect they may be suffering from a mental illness to seek treatment.

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We design and maintain the diatribe website, create promotional videos, and produce audio recordings for this amazing group of spoken word poet/educators.

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All of our media is free and can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   

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